ANS_FLYER_1_ENG copyThe name of our school AMRIT NAM SAROVAR means the Nectar of the Sacred Name filling the Vessel. The Vessel of Amrit Nam Sarovar filled with Bliss and Grace will quench the thirst of all who seek it; it will heal their sufferings, giving them strength to live and create with love in their hearts. And through this creation the festivity of life is manifested, and everyone will be able to find their own place at this celebration.

Our aim is to REVEAL to everyone the opportunity to connect with the Source of Infinite Love and Purity, the Source that generously fills the Vessel of the Heart with the Nectar of the Sacred Name of Truth. To achieve this we use Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, our Master, through our immediate Teacher – Karta Singh Khalsa.

WE are the Russian Team of Amrit Nam Sarovar School.

You can find more information about the International Amrit Nam Sarovar Kundalini Yoga School at its official website